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Getting Your Cargo From A To B

When you haul your valuables thousands of miles across ocean or air, you need to know that you are in good hands. Freight delivery is an involved process that requires professionalism at every stage. Our experts are always on hand to make sure the delivery operation runs as smoothly as possible. These are the steps that a typical load goes through during operation:

Pick up

We will pick up your goods at a time convenient for you. Our professionals will handle large or awkward shipments with specialized equipment and load them into the appropriate heavy lifting vehicle.


If necessary, we will store your items in our storage unit located in Bali – Indonesia. Our facilities are protected by CCTV, security staff and dogs for your peace of mind.

Land transportation

We will use trucks to carry your cargo to the designated port or airport and ready to be exported overseas.


Time to load – our warehouse personnel will handle it very well and professionally, whenever necessary we will use forklift trucks and cranes to place your shipment on a plane or ship, unloading it first if necessary.


Your cargo, stored securely and / or containerized, is regularly inspected during its journey.

Customs Clearance

BIC is responsible for all documentation using a well-honed and effective system. We work closely with customs officials so you don’t have to.


All that’s left to fit you is the safe onward journey by road or train in a special vehicle.

BIC Freight Forwarders Bali – Indonesia: Our Project

BIC customers include some of the largest companies in Bali – Indonesia whose products are well known overseas. Doing business with us is easy thanks to the steady flow of movement of purchase order follow-ups as well as a simplified and transparent billing process.

Here are some types of cargo that we send by sea or air:

  • LCL (Less Than Container Load) – This method suits for those of you who does not need the whole container or for those who are sending goods in a smaller amount and you do not need your own container. Your goods will be packed accordingly and then it will be fitted into the container along with other people‚Äôs goods.
  • FCL (Full Container Load) – This is when you need the whole container for yourself, this method will be more efficient that LCL but it is only suitable for those who are sending in large quantities or more than 13M3 of space or in need of the whole container for the goods. The container sizes are as follows: 20 Feet (30 m3), 40 Feet (60 m3 ), and 40 Feet High Cube (70 M3)
  • Breakbulk – this type of cargo is loaded separately onto the ship or plane without the use of shipping containers
  • Containers – these are 20 feet and 40 feet steel box put together and can be used to transport anything, as long as it fits inside
  • Factory Relocation – we will conduct site visits at both locations to provide accurate and competitive quotes and risk assessments
  • Personal Effects – study abroad or change countries permanently? We’ll get all your belongings to your new location safely and quickly.

BIC Taking Care of Documents – Etc.

Shipping goods is a complex process that consists of many different stages and involves a number of agencies, companies and jurisdictions. The details vary widely according to the type of cargo you are transporting. You might hire a freight forwarder in Bali – Indonesia, but the operation will involve parties in at least two different countries – and sometimes more. It is very important for your freight forwarder to have a good relationship with all parts of the chain. The business is unpredictable and complications can arise at any time – the BIC will try to preempt this using years of expertise and experience to avoid job delays.

Our job to deliver your goods involves several separate tasks and stages that contribute to full operation. It may be necessary to hire a machine surveyor, conduct shipping consultations on conveyance methods, perform packing, labeling and steam cleaning tasks, apply for bulk sizes and escort services, arrange for special equipment for loading and unloading bulky items or request for post-release. unlawful confiscation by foreign customs. As the leading freight forwarder in Bali – Indonesia, we are ready for anything and you are completely safe in our hands!


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