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Selecting the right air freight forwarder is of utmost importance as the freight forwarding agent one uses can determine the success or failure of an export/import business. Choosing an air freight forwarder is a task that requires a lot of research and any decision concerning freight forwarding must be considered carefully. It has become doubly important to pick an affordable, yet efficient air freight forwarder in these trying economic times.

A good way to start is to make a list of possible candidates. This list must be populated with air forwarders that meet all the requirements of your particular line of business. Your air freight forwarder must have a reputation for being efficient and cost effective. They must also be knowledgeable about the products your company deals with.

Ensure that the air freight forwarder is knowledgeable as to how to handle and package your products and ensure its safety from the time the goods leave your hands to the time they reach your consumers. Your air freight forwarder must also be aware of the markets your company deals with and the laws and practices of import and export in the countries that your products will be shipped to.

Try to find a forwarder that offers customers competitive prices and discounts. Also, check to see if the air freight forwarder has reliable customer service representatives and efficient shipment tracking services. Although it is not necessary, any membership that the air freight forwarder has to known and trusted freight organitations will increase credibility and should put it higher on your list.

A good air freight forwarding company can be a valuable asset to any importing and exporting international business. These companies can provide reliable and up-to-date advice regarding shipping costs, packaging techniques and matters related to shipment documentation. They are also responsible for providing their customers with detailed price quotations regarding shipping, airport charges, documentation, clearance expenses and handling fees. Some airfreight companies even provide their customers with in-house packaging services. This is a definite plus for companies dealing with fragile commodities like electronics and glassware.

The airfreight company of your choice must be able to meet all of these requirements. A good airfreight company will help importers and exporters save money on shipping costs and more importantly, will ensure that they deliver their customers goods to their destinations on time and in a good condition.

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