Full Container Load (FCL)

Sep. 9, 2020 by

Full Container Load (FCL), as the name implies, is the standard form of shipping freight for those who have a large amount of goods to send. Originally posted on June

Freight Forwarders Face New Challenges

Aug. 18, 2020 by

With increases in fuel prices and a slowing economy worldwide, the international freight industry faces new challenges. So what are the trends we are seeing in the international freight market

International Freight – Eight Strategies For Success

Aug. 12, 2020 by

As the Internet opens up global markets, more and more people are considering starting an import or export business and are looking into selecting a freight company for the first

Freight Containers Classification

Aug. 1, 2020 by

The pattern of cargo reception and shipment has changed with the use of the freight container – container, box or LO/LO (lift on/lift off). The use of containers, which started

LCL – Less than Container Load, a definition

Aug. 1, 2020 by

Less than container load (LCL) is a shipment that is not large enough to fill a standard cargo container. The abbreviation LCL formerly applied to “Less than (railway) Car Load”

General Information on Sea Freight Forwarding

Jul. 9, 2020 by

Are you looking for comprehensive logistics solutions? Do you need a freight forwarder and you just can’t seem to find the right company? If the answer to either of these

How to Safely Switch to an Alternate Freight Forwarding Company

Jul. 7, 2020 by

You are currently using a freight forwarder for your goods that you are importing and exporting. However, you find that you are struggling with these forwarders more and more. Is it possible to change

Advantages Of Ocean Freight Over Air Freight

Oct. 17, 2017 by

Air and ocean freight are two major methods of shipping cargos on international grounds. With increasing globalization and technology advancement, more opportunities have become available to businesses which help them

Pros and Cons: Air Freight Vs Ocean Freight

Sep. 27, 2017 by

The two most common methods and probably the only two, used for international shipping are air freight and ocean freight. These are the choices you have when it comes to

How To Choose The Best Freight Forwarder Around Us?

Sep. 26, 2017 by

Whatever you might be looking to ship, it’s important to go beyond simply searching ‘freight forwarders Bali’ and actually thinking through what each company can offer you at what costs.