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This cover for Brides Indonesia has not been doing so hot.

Indonesian actress Luna Maya has been getting flak for a magazine cover shoot she did, posing with an orangutan.

In the 2017 edition of Brides Indonesia, Maya wears what appears to be a wedding gown. The actress holds a big bouquet of flowers and sits next to an orangutan, whose palm rests on her shoulder.

The cover did not go unnoticed by animal activists and netizens, who ripped into Maya and all involved in making the shoot happen.

The Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation sounded off in an Instagram post on Tuesday, chiding Maya, as well as the magazine, Brides Indonesia, and Bimo Permadi, the assistant managing editor for publisher Her World, as well as the Bali Zoo—which apparently provided the orangutan for the shoot.

The foundation wrote that it was “extremely upset” to see the cover, as orangutans are critically endangered and on the brink of extinction.

“Orangutans should never be used in this way or promoted as a pet or a toy,” BOS wrote.

While the magazine and Permadi “should know better,” as a media outlet and a journalist. 

The harshest criticism was directed at the Bali Zoo, however, with BOS writing that it’s the Zoo’s responsibility to “raise awareness” that orangutans belong in their natural habitats: in the wild.

Orangutans “should not be kept as a pet or for entertainment, which includes inviting tourists for breakfast experiences,” wrote BOS, taking a jab at the zoo, which does offer visitors a ‘Breakfast with Orangutans’ package.

Maya should be using her position of influence to raise awareness about “important national and global issues” like the critical endangered status of orangutans, “rather than using them this way on social media,” BOS wrote.

Netizens commented on BOS’ post, calling Maya and the cover an “absolute disgrace,” as well as “disgusting.” Other words like “shocking” and “ridiculous” were thrown around, though some people just wondered if Maya’s getting married because of her spot in a bridal magazine.

Although the cover teases a feature on Luna Maya and tips for a beautiful honeymoon, the star, long dating actor Reino Barack has previously said she was happy to focus on her career and not tie the knot just yet.

There was also an alternative cover shot for Brides Indonesia, of Maya posing with an eagle, but that cover didn’t seem to ruffle as many feathers.

Maya is no stranger to controversy, this photo shoot is far from her first time causing a stir.

Famous for acting in a number of Indonesian films and sinetrons, the actress was scandalized in 2010 when Nazril “Ariel” Irham of the Indonesian band Peter Pan released two separate sex tapes of himself with two A-list Indonesian actresses—yep, Maya was one of them. Her career seems to have only sped up since.

As Maya was in the biggest sex tape scandal in Indonesian history and still has a career, it’s doubtful that this controversial shoot will be too damaging for her.

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