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Runs along part of the Oos River in Sukawati, this hidden secret Canyon is an amazing ravine. Over thousands of years, this rift has been created by the force of the waters flowing through it during the rainy season. This area is considered sacred by the people and therefore protected against mass tourism. Although the canyon is increasingly known among tourists, still relatively few tourists are familiar with this place and for this reason, it is a hidden secret.

First of all, it is important to be prepared for an active tour with a lot of adrenaline, which can be difficult, scary, and physically demanding at times. Second, it is important to bring the right equipment. These are reef shoes, the tour can also be done barefoot, but there is a chance that you can open your feet on pointed pieces of rock. Wear swimwear or shorts, but be aware not to wear long clothes. This is because the water where you will sometimes walkthrough can be quite deep. In some places during climbing, both hands must be used. So as a bag, make use of a backpack and pack the things in this backpack waterproof. Also, do not forget to bring enough drinking water, some food and sunscreen.

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You can climb and swim up to 3 km through the cliff. Therefore, make use of a guide for your safety during the tour. At the entrance, there are some enthusiastic guides available who will guide you through the rocks. These know the cliff and indicate where to place your feet and hands while climbing and in the water. These guides do it for free, but it is customary to give a generous tip at the end of the tour.

The Secret Canyon is located in a small village of Guwang, in the Sukaweti area. This area is known for its art market. If you have the opportunity and if you are physically capable, do visit this canyon. Bali is well-known for its wide beaches and nature, which makes a trip through these rocks a unique experience. The environment will not disappoint you. This Canyon is a nature lover’s dream. The ravine is surrounded by flora and fauna, with a view of the jungle and the three different canyons.

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