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Semarang Container Terminal – Pelindo III

SEMARANG – PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero) or Pelindo III targets that the depth of Semar’s container pond reaches 10.5 meters by early 2018. This dredging will increase the capacity of the vessels to lean on the port.

Commercial Operations and Commercial Manager of Semarang Container Terminal (TPKS) Taufiq Rachman said that every week his ship serves at least 14 ships docked with various sizes. The longest regular ships served reach 240 meters. However, with the current pool that is in the range of seven meters makes the ship unable to use its maximum carrying capacity.

“After ship dredging can contain more containers. We are also negotiating with one regular voyage, but they are waiting for the depth [the pool is filled first], “Taufiq told Bisnis in Semarang, Tuesday (29/8).

Taufiq explained the dredging will begin in early September. In addition, the company will also bring in nine Automated Rubber Tired Gantry (ARTG) cranes to strengthen 11 ATGR units currently in operation. This ATGR will be installed on a seaway field that has been completed elevated.

“The November elevated field is ready. After that we will install ARTG tool. Beginning in March 2018 all will be fully operational, “he said.

TPKS itself can serve the loading and unloading of three large ships at once. The company currently has seven container cranes (CC). Currently, the average CC serves 24 containers per hour. “Capacity can be optimized up to 40 containers,” added Taufiq.

Taufiq said the modernization and improvement of TPKS is an effort to anticipate the economic surge in Central Java. Currently the growth of industrial estates and the relocation of several factories from DKI Jakarta and West Java must be anticipated by the company.

He said that currently TPKS has the capability to serve 800,000 containers per year. However, this capacity has not been fully utilized by the business actors since the new capacity is around 600,000 TEUs. Meanwhile, until July 2017, the company has served 367,869 TEUs.

Translated by Aryputra Pande

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