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Pelindo II idea to build Container Freight Station (CFS) Center facility in Tanjung Priok Port is difficult to be realized.

CFS Center is a center of import goods storage facility status of Less than Container Load (LCL) which is still under customs supervision.

Chairman of DPW Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) Widijanto in talks talk with, Monday (11/9/2017) said many difficult things can be reconciled between the forwarding business interests that have been handling import cargo status less than container load (LCL) with the wishes of Pelindo II.

For example, Pelindo II wishes to apply the single billing rate that is difficult to receive by the forwarder because in their business is very specific including no tariff that can not be uniformed.

For example, they have to pay refunds or rebates to their overseas forwarding partners whose size is also not uniform.

In addition, the single billing rate for forwarding services can not be directly accepted but must be settled in Pelindo II.

“We are pleased with the effort Pelindo II wants to reduce logistics costs but the reality is difficult to be accepted by forwarding,” said Widijanto.

“Unless Pelindo II or its subsidiaries have their own market, the new LCL CFS Center import goods can work,” said Widijanto.

Pelindo II wishes to build a CFS Center for all forwarding handling of LCL imported goods collected at the CFS Center.

In line with Widijanto, Chairman of BPD GINSI DKI, Capt Subandi said the CFS Center initiated by Pelindo II is difficult to be implemented since the LCL business is forwarding.

“For GINSI if forwardingnya willing and tariffs borne by importers cheaper its okay. But if the tariff is more expensive and the impact of adding congestion in the port. Especially if the importer when entering must buy a fitting that adds spending yah .. useless, “said Subandi.

“He said the port is jammed so the goods inside the port must be over brengen because it interfere with the smooth flow of goods. But on the other hand goods that have been handled outside the port TPS (LCL) will be drawn back into port. Does not it add to the congestion? “Said Subandi.

Pelindo II should think about how to improve the service in the port that is still a lot of problems. Instead of making the actual business is already in the hands of private small entrepreneurs (wilam)

Translated by Aryputra Pande

Originally posted on September 13, 2017 @ 2:55 pm


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