Posted by on March 6, 2024, JAKARTA – Importers at the Port of Tanjung Priok reported the irregularities of management and operation at the port to the Tanjung Priok Port Authority Office, as well as urged PT.Pelabuhan Indonesia II to immediately fix it.

Chairman of BPD of Alliance Importers Association of Indonesia (GINSI) Subandi said in the era of transparency as the current businessman is entitled to his sense of responsibility to complain about the irregularities of port services to relevant agencies.

“There are two things that until now we as the owner of the goods in the port of Priok feel irregularities in the management and operation in the port of Priok it. We have delivered it to OP Tanjung Priok yesterday (11/9), “he told, Tuesday (12/09/2017).

Subandi disclosed, irregularities in management and operation in Priok harbor complained GINSI that is; First, the issue of liability and tariffs on the use of Ganty Luffing Crane (GLC) charged to the goods owners at quays 114 and 115 of Priok port.

According to him, GLC is a tool that is invested by PT.Pelindo II for the acceleration of loading and unloading activities, but it turns out this tool is no better productivity when compared to existing loading and unloading tools on board or ships cranes.

“It is no better than crane ships but loading vessels at dock 114 and 115 of Priok port are required to use the tool at a one-way unilateral tariff by Priok port operators at Rp 17,500 per ton,” he explained.

Subandi said that the problem of using GLC equipment at the port of Priok harbor has been going on for quite a long time even more than five years. But the complaints against this have never been seriously responded by PT.Pelindo II as the manager of the Port of Priok to date.

In fact, he added, the protracted neglect of these conditions greatly burdening logistics costs that cause the national industry can not compete due to the price of raw materials become more expensive.

Subandi discloses, the use of GLC tools and unilateral tariff fixes violate the applicable laws and regulations as all tariffs on port services should be established through agreements with business actors represented by related associations at the port.

“Instead we see it Pelindo II in preparing the GLC tool is not appropriate in designing the investment so that it is charged to service users and importers,” he explained.

On the other hand, he said, there is an element of coercion in the use of GLC tools to the owner of goods whereas the owner of the goods does not need the equipment because the freight owner has paid freight including the loading and unloading equipment available on board.

Second, concerning the physical inspection service of imported containers that must check customs and quarantine or behandle at the New Priok Container Terminal-One facility (NPCT-1) which to date has harmed the business actor in Priok port.

Subandi said the bad service behandle in NPCT-1 is because in addition to slow of access, infrastructure and suprastructure are not adequate also the system that has not accommodated the importance of acceleration of service because it is still manual including for making gate pass, payment and location of payment / billing far enough ..

In fact, he said, due to the messy service in NPCT-1 had wrong delivery of containers to the goods owner. It is known there was an error when the container had reached the owner’s warehouse.

“But when the door was opened the container was not the imported goods. When it was reported to the NPCT-1 it was true there was a container delivery error, “he said. (K1)

Translated by Aryputra Pande

Originally posted on September 13, 2017 @ 2:22 pm


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