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The rise of goods sales through e-commerce makes the delivery of goods or cargo through the airport increases. According to the Director of Cargo Angkasa Pura II Denny Fikri, in the internet world now there is no limit anymore.

“The development of e-commerce, with air delivery how, 70 percent is still Gojek for delivery in Jakarta. But the next two years, buyers can be from Sumatra or Papua. Hope there is follow-up. We operate airports can compete with overseas, “said Director of Cargo Angkasa Pura II Denny Fikri, Monday (11/9)

Furthermore, he said, currently the airport is not just for people / passengers. In fact, the facility can already be developed into a tourism airport, including cargo.

“The airport opens opportunities for warehousing. And also shipping cost is cheap, “said Denny. Unfortunately, dibandara still many who have not connectivity or harmonization of system integration. Service users, it does not know, has got to where the goods, “he explained.

Denny added, the airport could be a hub. Both domestic and international. “But it needs to be efficient. Infrastructure how. Currently the airport is clean, “he concluded. Meanwhile, Director of Garuda Indonesia Cargo, Sigit Muhartono said, the most responsible Airline for cargo security brought.

“We’ve entered e-commerce. The goal is one, fast. That’s our air. But we know that airlines are industry number two after banking. The many regulations that must be met, “he said.

According Sigit, warehouse costs and so to be standardized and simplified. The logistics chain needs to be explored further. “It’s still long in my logistics chain. Cargo shipments are not just airline business,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Tengku Burhanudin from Inaca said the standard of e-cargo service needs to be done. “The cost of cargo is not too expensive. But that makes it expensive, it’s the cost of warehouse rental. E-commerce is important to run. That’s one that can lower logistics costs, “he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Association of Logistics and Forwaders Indonesia Yuki Nugrahawan Hanafi said related to the reduction in logistics costs do have to work together. Never again hit each other.

“It’s about harmonization, at home aja difficult. Especially at the airport. But I am optimistic if we sit together to discuss it, the problem will be solved, “he said yesterday.

According to Yuki, so the importance of logistics and the government’s attention. Logistics is already part of the market chain. “The cost of our logistics is actually 23.5 percent actually there is a decline. With the construction of infrastructure, roads, port airports and so on, in 2019 could fall to 21 percent, “he concluded, as reported by

Translated by Aryputra Pande

Originally posted on September 14, 2017 @ 9:01 am


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