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Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) at Tanjung Priok, Jakarta – Reuters / Beawiharta

JAKARTA – Two weeks after the end of strike action by PT JICT Workers Union (SP), loading and unloading activities at container terminal PT Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) continue to increase.

Vice President Director of PT JICT Riza Erivan said JICT cooperation with TPK Koja management that operates JICT north jetty, is also more optimal in accelerating the flow of goods in Tanjung Priok Port, Jakarta.

At this time and in the future, he added, JICT is in the process of revamping internally and also related to industrial relations affairs.

He said that in the settlement of internal affairs and industrial relations JICT is always guided by the applicable law and legal process, and therefore the company needs the support and understanding of all parties to solve this problem and strengthen the performance of the company to serve the business activities at Tanjung Priok Port.

“Activities of loading and unloading and the flow of goods gradually smooth and normal. The customers can be served well and there is no accumulation of goods as feared, “said Riza via press release on Wednesday (8/24/2017).

He explained that at this moment JICT terminal at the west pier still serves about six to eight ships per week with total loading and unloading capacity up to 13,000 TEUs per week.

“Productivity across JICT terminal areas continues to improve. We continue to work hard to ensure that service to customers is always optimal, “he explained.

Regarding the management of JICT’s north pier, Riza stated that the cooperation between JICT and TPK Koja will last until the end of December 2017 and continue to be evaluated together TPK Koja gradually.

This cooperation is considered important to maintain and ensure the smooth loading and unloading of goods in Tanjung Priok.

“As fellow business actors, we understand the concentrations of JICT’s customers. Through cooperation with TPK Koja, continuity of service will always be guaranteed. Moreover, the port is a vital object that must be sterile from activities that can disrupt the smooth flow of goods, “he said.

JICT has been operating for 24 hours 7 days and has become the preferred container terminal in Indonesia. Cooperation between Hutchison Port and PT Pelindo II has placed JICT as one of the best terminals in Indonesia and Asia.

Riza said that during the 18 years of joint venture, Hutchison and Pelindo II have invested more than US $ 330 million in new equipment, technology and other supporting infrastructure at JICT. Currently JICT controls 42 percent loading and unloading of goods in Tanjung Priok.

“JICT still guarantees to make the necessary efforts to service the loading and unloading activities in Tanjung Priok port will be maintained and running smoothly,” he said.

Translated by Aryaputra Pande

Originally posted on August 25, 2017 @ 9:13 am


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