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Armada transportationsIf you have a company that needs to move goods or products internationally, there may be times that you have to get a shipment there fast. If you don’t have items that are perishable or time sensitive then you may consider other options that will cost less. Using sea freight is not the fastest way to get product from one place to another but in many cases it will be the least expensive.

Sea freight is particularly useful when it comes to shipping items that are very heavy or bulky. Obviously, a ship can handle much more volume than any other kind of transportation and weight is not much of an issue. If you have large skids of product that you need to move from one country to another than using sea freight is probably the best option.

You should take a close look at the service level agreement when you are considering using a company to move your products using sea freight. Usually the company that you are contacting with will not handle every portion of the shipping process and you need to know that they will still be responsible if they need to contract out services from partners in other countries. It is commonplace for companies to do this and in fact it is likely that this process is used every time you ship by sea. You simply need to know that they will be able to manage the shipment from its origin to its destination.

Talk to a freight forwarder about how they will manage pricing for your sea freight. Some of them will quote you a price that is based on weight and some of them will do it by volume. Companies that deal with a lot of sea freight will have a wider variety of options for you as they can likely amalgamate shipments from different companies into a container. Almost all of the shipping that goes by sea is done in the large containers that you will see at shipyards. If you need to send the shipment that does not fill an entire container, you should not have to pay for that whole container.

Even though the timing is often less important for shipments that you are sending by sea, you should still have a clear agreement with the sea freight company that you’re using about when goods will be delivered. Often it can take many weeks for something to get from one place to another by sea and since it will already be taking more time you probably don’t want it to experience further delays. Make sure that the company you use has all of the necessary paperwork to ensure that there are not problems when you’re going through customs at the destination location.

Sending your shipments by sea freight can be a very economical option when you consider that these are often larger shipments. It is also important to note that there is usually a lot of money at stake. Talk to them about how they can ensure the safety of your shipment as it travels by sea.

Using the best sea freight company can make a huge difference in the way that you do business. It’s the right way to give your clients the best service possible.

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